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About The Foundation- Writers' Rescue Center- Nikhil Chandwani Foundation

The modern-day disorders in the world include identity crisis, depression, mid-career crisis before the start of the career and rebellious attitude over everything. Nikhil Chandwani, being a dropout himself, understood the problem from the scratch. Everyone is facing, some or the other problems, in his or her life, and that’s one thing in common for teens and adults alike. But, one more thing attracts striking similarity. 

“Everyone has a story to tell.”

Following this Mantra, Nikhil Chandwani took up social entrepreneurship through Writers’ Rescue Center by developing a one to one Gurukul System that mentors, pushes, teaches and helps everyone from Disabled to Dyslexia, to Mental Health Patients, To people with suicidal thoughts, to the people with homegrown ambitions, to the poor, the needy in writing and publishing their first book.


When you talk about the Writers’ Rescue Center—WRC works on healing people and giving them a voice by training the depressed, the suicidals, the differently abled, cancer survivors in the field of storytelling. They run a gurukul system where individuals irrespective of the age, caste, or problems, are provided with one to one mentorship. They help them grow confidence, they give them the required space and trust to open up about their issues, they push them a pen and a paper, and write their own life story. Once they’re emotionally equipped, they guide them in book writing. It takes anywhere between one month to 1 year for the individual to complete their manuscript. The book, once it is ready, is shared with numerous publishing units and now they've even started our own publishing house “WRC Publishers” as an imprint to Raindrop Publishers INC. Once the book is published, they market it for them and later they take students to public speaking platforms to voice their stories and inspire others. Nikhil Chandwani believes and I guess you will all agree; everyone has a story to tell. The best inspirational stories are the ones that come straight from the ruins of personal struggles.



Writers Rescue Center is successful in solving the crisis of more than 9300 teens and adults through one to one mentorship, proper guidance in fields of writing and helped them publish books, taking them to prominent stages for guest lectures. WRC has created numerous TEDx speakers, National Award Winners and published authors between the age of 16-72. Most of the students were considered failures in life, suicidal, depressed, frustrated, and introverted as there is no proper guidance in the fields of writing and social activism. Because we live in a selfish world, everyone must be effective and confident in tackling the worldly problem. For many generations, society was organized around a few people at the top telling everyone else to repeat their specialized skills faster and faster. Today, all of us have the means to lead and get big things done. This is causing the social change to explode in every direction. Following our age-old Gurukul system, WRC has recognized the new frame needed for existing and operating together in this radically different world drawn from insights. Writers are mentored by directly by Nikhil Chandwani and they are made to write their first book, the book is published by the Foundation, and later marketed. The writer is then taken to public speaking, slam poetry, and column writing fields and proper career is carved for writers. People often talk about startup mentorship, but creative human mentorship is missing in the modern world. There is no proper job module available for writers, and they often end up switching profession. We are trying to save them by taking them to achieve their dreams.






Few of my people

Our students range from the age of 16-72. Some of them are now National Award Winners, Best Selling Authors, TED Talks and mostly, all their confusion in writing has been solved through professional success in their passionate fields

Nikhila Chalamlasetty- Best Selling Author, Public Speaker, Columnist- The journalist, Wheelchair Bound, recently covered on VH-1 with a special message from Alia Bhat

Nikhila Chalamalasetty is a 25-year-old who is wheelchair-bound, but she does not let this bind her dreams. Her first book, The Day I Started Flying was loved by readers and she thanks Nikhil Chandwani for it. "I just wanted to be independent and blogging helped. I had never thought about it before, but when Nikhil recommended that I consider writing a book, I started giving it a thought," says Chalamalasetty, who is from Vijayawada. The need for her to prove herself is a key factor that drove her to overcome her problems and put this book out there for everyone to read. "I wanted people to recognize me for my work and not for the problems I face," she says. She adds that one needs to be determined and stop worrying to prove themselves successfully.

Ritesh Verma- Author, Public Speaker

I started my creative journey from photography only, the zeal of matching the real world as closely as possible with my imagination always kept me motivated, today in this modern world of social media it feels very special when people understand what was going in your head when you got that shot, the colours, the caption they are not just some random filters, they tell a story and display emotions, when people read that I feel connected.
It all happened  under the guidance of Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, he suggested me to try for this as I have been making short films regularly, we gave our best shot and things ended up unexpectedly great for us.

Siddharth Zuko Sabari- Author of Figmented Reality. One of India's first dyslexic author.

People says jealousy is bad. However, my writing career began with jealousy. Jealous of Nikhil Chandwani. Supremely passionate about creative thinking and helping everyone around him, I ended up getting in touch with him and he pushed me hard. He mentored me to write my first book, Figmented Reality and helped me get in touch with a publisher as well. Months later, my book was released by Leadstart Publishing and I have Nikhil Chandwani and his foundation to thank. Later, he invited me for lectures in colleges and my journey became a best selling one through his concrete support

Dr. Shakila- Author of Odyssey of Spirits

Speaking about Dr.Nikhil Chandwani is like showing light to the moon. An adroit, with an exemplary example, who has shown that how other people can become our best resource. I feel honored and privileged to be acquainted with Dr.Nikhil who has played a major role in making this book a reality. From the baby steps to the perfect execution, he has been the back bone of support. He inhaled the concept of my thoughts and exhaled it into a perfect manuscript version.
Without the support and confidence of him, this book of mine would have remained as a dormant dream, never seeing the light of the day. From this platform, I would like to thank Dr.Nikhil Chandwani from the depth of my heart, for believing my efforts and thereby executing it to a perfect volume.

Siddharth Roy- TED(x) Speaker, Best Selling Author, World Record Holder

 I started writing many stories, articles, poems and everyone started liking them. But the Indian society is such that not for a second it will let you think anything else other than core fields like engineering or doctor. So the writer inside me never came out. When I was 17 years, (In 11th grade) I started writing my first novel, it initiated as a short story but what gave me the enthusiasm to write the novel was to do something different from others. The writing process was very difficult because being a science student you are always expected to study. The society is not very friendly when it comes to doing something different. But I did not lose hope, my parents were always very supportive so with their blessings finally, I released my first book “The Special Fish” in November 2016. The book entirely changed my life, all of a sudden everything started to fall on a plate, the people who criticised me and said ‘Author’s have no respect’ started praising me. I understood that this society is very mean, you always have to fight against it to get your name up. After releasing my book I realized that I should do what I love and what I can do in present and stop thinking about future and start listening to my heart. When I started doing that I got results, I won a silver medal in prestigious state badminton championship. I also passed my 12th examination with fairly good marks. 11th and 12th grades were basically the most mesmerizing years of my life.( Though I am still 18) This was only possible due to the contribution of my parents who always supported me, Dr. Sameer Phale who being a Biology teacher always supported me and enhanced my creativity and Dr Nikhil Chandwani who is my mentor behind this small success.

The book soon became a bestseller and I became a daily contributor with a very famous English daily called ‘The Hitavada’ I was interviewed by many newspapers, tv channels, radio channel because of a uniqueness associated with the book. I connected with Nikhil Chandwani sir through Facebook and I cannot describe his contribution towards my success story. He is my mentor and throughout my journey, he supported me and guided me. It was him to encouraged me to write and fight against the society. He made me realize that writing is the cure to all the problems. He gave me a new vision towards life and I am glad to have him as my mentor because he has always helped me selflessly. I have not met any other selfless person like him yet.

Rajyavardhan Singh- Author, Poet, Instagrammar.

I have been lucky enough to have many mentors in my life. I never thought that my parents won’t say anything on this as on the day when I told them about this they said that ‘We’re proud of you’ and that day I realized I won’t stop so, First of all, my parents and my brother who never questioned me, they just supported me throughout my journey and always believed in me that I’d make it, Those smiles on their faces made me work more on this. And then there comes Sir Nikhil Chandwani, the person who gave my life a different path. He is a friend, a mentor, a family to me and he’s the one who always motivated me to write. He was there for me in my good as well as my bad times.He always believed in my work and appreciated it. I learned a lot from him and he’s the one who inspired me to become a writer

Prab Keerat Mahendru- Author of Best Selling novel- An Old Monk

Frankly speaking, the only inspiration which kept on and still is
making me work is to just give my parents happier life and give
them all the happiness in the world is the only inspiration
which keep me moving, and on the other hand there is Nikhil Chandwani sir, i have seen him writing his books on his phone like people play games and he writes his books on his phone, that shows
how passionate he is about writing, that gives me a lot of
push towards what I want to achieve in life.


From the Media

Nikhil Chandwani

Life is a blessing when passion stands tall

Nikhil Chandwani, a single child of working parents, started writing at a very young age. He started following his ambitions aggressively at a tender age of 17; alone, a little lost, yet ambitious. He took up electronics engineering because of his inclination towards science but things started to change really quick once he realized he is not made for it! He took a pen and a paper and his journey as a writer started. He published his debut novel at the age of 18, He wrote 9 more books in next six years, worked as a scriptwriter with internationally renowned firms, delivered over 200+ Guest Lectures and 8+ TEDx talks in Top Universities of Asia. He also became o the youngest Hindi Feature Film Producer with Nadi Ki Beti, Sundari (She- The Movie). He taught as a Visiting Professor at Top B Schools of India and delivered sessions on Freelance Entrepreneurship with XLRI Jamshedpur, IIM Nagpur, VIT Vellore, IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee etc. He founded Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. That worked with directors for Film Production. His second firm Walnut School of Ideas provided Technical Education, and Creative Workshops in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. He wrote multiple columns for various newspapers and magazines, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Speaking Tree and Elephant Journal. He was bestowed with a National Award, A Global Indian of the Year Honour, Education Genius of the Year Award from Genius Indian Foundation and currently he is merely aged 25!

Nikhil Chandwani's current ambitious project Writers' Rescue Center has offices in Georgia, Hyderabad, Vizag with head office in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Nikhil mentors and saves writers from the current identity crisis by helping them get published. He is the voice of voiceless and WRC has already given over 40+ TED(x) Speakers and as many National Award Winners to India. A total of 204+ Writers have published their books under Writers' Rescue Centre (WRC) with 9000+ writers have been published by WRC in form of articles. 

Nikhil Chandwani has reached over 100,000 students through guest lectures and enjoys a reading base of over a million through his articles, books and guest columnist roles.

Nikhil Chandwani is also a firm believer of Hindu way of living- Sanatan Dharma. He vows to protect Dharma by capturing the real history of India and spreading it amongst youngsters. Nikhil Chandwani with his team is also researching on bringing out the lost history from the ancient era, with an aim to again bring India to the world stage as the world capital of arts, religion, and science. 


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Hyderabad Branch: Writers' Rescue Centre, A-901, Ace Atlantis, Khajaguda, Madhapur, Hyderabad , Telangana

Vishakhapatnam: 50-97-3 (2nd Floor Behind SFS School Near Hindu Press, Seethammadara, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530013