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The Modern Day Hindu Synopsis

"Here are your instructions. You must overlook everything you know. Modern Day Hindu needs you to blur the edges of white and the dark spheres of life. It is my journey, practicing a very rare Hindu way of living, and blending the same with Quantum Physics, The Cosmos, a whole lot of Hollywood Movie mentions, Rock Music and Passionate Resistance. This book provides resolutions to the Twenty-First Century dilemmas through certain laws, I decoded, while implementing the classical Indian knowledge. The book reveals the wandering consciousness of Hinduism. Awareness, that might complete your missing puzzle. It just might"

This book brings death. The death of a mistaken identity.We exist in a community where the image appears more esteemed than honesty. The struggle appears more like frustration and vulnerability more like a failure.We waste time scrolling our social media accounts and uncertainties haunt us.We have become satisfied doing nothing.Yet our life adventures are the seed for the transformation.“Tales of an unconscious mind” is all about extending people’s vision about infinity as far as it will go. This book has solutions to the Twenty-First Century complications through a mystical journey to The Cosmos, Quantum Physics, Hinduism, Science, and Rock Music.

Tales of an Unconscious Mind

Poetry collection for the better one, the illustrious star. Poetries under the drizzle of plushy stars and moonshine. Poetries for keeping my universe intact. Do we reach for the stars – together

Strange Tides on Broken Rhymes

Meet the unlucky young college going students: Neil and Pankaj, two young tech understanding undergraduates of Mumbai University who adore playing pranks on people, specifically the lecturers. Neil’s love for Megha, the sweet Punjabi girl, generates a new twist in their lives as they get indulged in playing more and more tricks, this time spreading their reach beyond the university campus. Neil’s thirst of showing off his talent and elated by the strings of success, they go to the level of revealing a great scam and even before they wake up to tell the whole world about it, the people behind it traps them and they become the target of R.A.W. for hacking. As Pankaj gets caught, Neil escapes with Megha and tries to get them out of the vicious trap. The author is in talks with a Hollywood Producer for the digital version of the novel.

Coded Conspiracy

any times, I wake up from my bed I drive away and I lay down my head On these humid fall nights, I lay in peace Beneath the starry sky, under the shelter of the old oak tree" The book is a mystical journey of love birds.

Illusions of a Starry, Starry Night

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